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"Meridian's research, innovative interpretation of data, and ability to synthesize and present ideas in a clear, interesting manner helped us achieve our goals with our largest client."
- Dr. Evelyn P. Boyer, President
  EPB Behavioral Solutions, Inc.

"Meridian's proposal process kept us focused on the critical issues and dramatically improved the quality of our proposal submission."
- John Q. Porter, President
  Spectrum International, Inc.

"Dr. Gardner is a totally reliable professional. I can count on her to add value in every assignment. She has integrity and I trust her judgment."
- Dennis Strong, President
  Dennis Strong and Associates

“We have several programs funded by NIH grants and Dr. Gardner created and implemented an evaluation process for them. Due to her work, we now know that our programs are working, and with her invaluable advice, we have developed ways to enhance those programs and make them even more effective.”
- Jacquie Roberts, Director, Career Resources
  Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)
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