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Good communication and properly managed institutional knowledge are hallmarks of successful organizations. Systems manage communications and information, but organizations require effective management teams to work with those systems and the people who use them. Meridian Solutions Inc. supports organizational communications, knowledge management systems and culture change initiatives through our management development services. These include:

Facilitation – Board and management team meetings and retreats contribute to good communication and effective working relationships. We include pre-retreat confidential interviews to ensure that the important issues are put on the table.
Team Building Workshops – When teams come together to accomplish a special project or work to solve an organizational challenge, our workshops get them off to a quick start and help them operate more efficiently.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys – Our surveys uncover hidden issues that must be addressed to maintain or improve morale and identify where management intervention and focus will generate the largest improvements in morale and performance. We provide management with the tools to use results effectively.. 

Recent Projects
Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, V.I. - A project for the International Institute of the Graduate School, USDA, to assist with the Virgin Islands Training Initiative (VITI) involved... more
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Washington, DC - Dr. Gardner implemented a needs assessment for executives and managers to determine their requirements for training .... more  
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