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Enduring Partnership – Since 2003, Dr. Gardner has partnered with the National Multicultural Institute (NMCI) to conduct diversity assessments with a variety of organizations. Recently, she supported assessments with St. Mary’s College and the California Tobacco Control Program. She served as a member of the consulting team, refined the quantitative assessment instruments used to gather quantitative data from the organizations, and produced analyses and reports. She has also partnered with NMCI on projects with the American Friends Service Committee, Pennsylvania Coalition against Rape, Reading is Fundamental, Valdosta State University, Girard College, and the Rockdale County School System.

On-going Research Support – Jointly with a colleague and a National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) project task force, Meridian developed a school self-assessment and school climate survey instrument to provide their 1,200 member schools with a way to examine how inclusive they are and how well they are doing at implementing multicultural plans. We led the project to test the assessment instruments at several schools.On a continuing basis, we provide training and support to all schools choosing to implement the assessment, maintain the system documentation, and facilitate the process to update and expand the assessment capabilities.
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